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Motherandchild - Iridology (eye diagnosis)

Iridology - Eye Diagnosis

Iridology – strictly speaking – is the diagnosis of the iris, however the true modality we use is ‘Eye Diagnosis’ that include the diagnosis of the pupil and the sclera as well as the iris. The eyes reflect inherited weaknesses and strength in our body as well as tissue weakening caused by ourselves due to the lifestyle and diet we have been following. Eyes can also tell us a lot about personality types and emotions.

During our iridology session we use a special eye camera that takes a picture of the eyes. The pictures are transferred to a laptop, where it can be further studied, then saved to compare with later pictures and also pictures of other family members. It is very interesting to compare children’s eyes with their parents’ and grandparents’ eyes.

If you want to discover more about your constitution, areas of strength and weaknesses of your body please book an appointment now. 

Iridology Consultation are only available in person. Please check our Event page for dates and places.

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