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Motherandchild - Vadai Monika

Vadai Monika

Monika Vadai

Naturopath, Medical Herbalist
Sport Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner
BHSc (Comp Med), Dip Herb Med, Dip Nat NZAMH, NZSN

Monika is originally from Budapest, Hungary. She graduated as an economist in Hungary and traveled around the world before coming to Auckland, New Zealand in 2000. It is here in New Zealand where she found her true passion, natural healing. Monika trained in Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in Auckland graduating with a double diploma in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine in 2005. She has also won the ‘Best Naturopathic Student Award’.

She became a Reiki Practitioner in Bali, Indonesia in 2015.

Monika holds a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Complementary Medicine from Charles Sturt University, Australia.

She is a member of the New Zealand Society of Naturopath (NZSN) and the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists (NZAMH).

Monika specializes in women’s and children’s health, fertility and pregnancy. She has a strong focus on nutrition, herbal medicine and iridology in her practice.

She is a compassionate, caring and knowledgeable natural therapist, loving mother of her beautiful daughter, Jessica (10yrs) and a triathlon enthusiast.